17 junio 2011


Opening: 22nd of June at 18:00. Marnixplaats 4, Antwerpen, Belgium. Free drinks and food.
BA3 Is the next exhibition in FOR.VIEW and It´s a collective of illustration, multimedia and graphic design project formed by: 

Goedele Teirlinck . Aaron Harris . Robin Pauwels . Ina Kurthen . Renée Simons . Bastien Genbrugge . Axel Goossens . Elise Geijsels . Yannick Poelemans . Louize Perdieus . Kelli Devriendt . Stefanie Gerdon . Sihui Liu . Joris Deraedt . Christophe Geens . Shana Van Wallendael . Anna Fyrsten

Robin Pauwels
Anna Fyrsten
Aaron Harris

Exhibitionism refers to exposing bare female breasts and/or buttocks of either a male or female. When genitalia is exposed the behavior is more commonly described as indecent exposure. Exhibitionism is an overall psychosocial concept that, when applied to physical actions, denotes two separate phenomena.

The first, colloquially referred to as flashing, involves the exposure of a person’s “private parts” to another person, in a nonthreatening manner, in a situation where these would not normally be exposed, such as in a social situation (in front of other people) or in a public place. The act of flashing, particularly when done by females involving the breasts but also when involving her vagina and also her buttocks, may be at least partially sexual in intention, i.e. to prompt the sexual arousal of those being flashed (in turn giving the flasher an ego boost). However, flashing may also simply be intended to attract the non-aroused ‘attention’ of another or others[citation needed], or for shock value. 


Ina Kurthen
Goedele Teirlinck